Myanmar Payment Solution Services (MPSS) was founded in 2014, the company is an online payment platform which enables users to send money via their mobile phone. On the other side, MPSS is an acting player to eliminate the traditional payment methods and on a mission to the financial evolution process that beyond the cash and card system in the country setting up the Financial Technology Company, particularly provides integrated solution and services for the banking, financial & related sectors in Myanmar. MPSS has prides itself on delivering solution & services to the principles of enhancing, improve, maintain, unique quality & transparency. MPSS provides the solution as

  • Mobile Money Platform
  • Mobile Banking Solution
  • Agency Banking (Branchless Banking)
  • Payment Collection Network for Corporate and Enterprise
  • Online Payment Gateway and
  • Mobile Top-up Solution
  • Mobile Payment Gateway
  • Public Cloud Service
  • Maintenance & Service Support

MPSS had been signed the MOU with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd for “Public Cloud Services Corporation in Myanmar”. It is, therefore, Myanmar Companies could use the secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud service. 

MPSS shall be corporate with the other banks, payment systems and corporate to provide the financial services in Myanmar.


Posted on

April 25, 2022